Trikon – The Triangle

Trikon – The Triangle

Car Showroom & Restaurant


Mr. Anurag Sharma

Project Details
Site area: 6622 sq.ft
Covered Area:  16,000sq.ft.
Haridwar, Ongoing


The site lies at the tip of one of the most busiest and strategic road junctions in Haridwar. The triangular profile of the site instigated us to choose triangle as a module and organize inside spaces triangular in form. It offers a car showroom on ground floor and first floor with services in basement.

Transparent vertical car movement within the showroom has been kept at the junction to generate a point of interest for onlookers in the mundane mechanics of vertical car lift.

The second floor offers a restaurant, a balcony and a roof-top café for visitors to spend some leisure time in evening and engage themselves with building and city life. The tip of the site has a deep triangular terrace cantilevered for owner office on top floor and also to entice and invite people from a far-off distance.