The Dancing Woods

The Dancing woods

Cakes & Bakes, Bakery


Mr. Rajeev Madan, Haridwar

Project Details
Covered Area: 2243.33 sq.ft.
Haridwar, 2019


Client wanted an upscale cakes & bakery shop. The different departments of the bakery consists of open kitchen, dumb waiter lift, cake making section, cash counter with display counter for birthday and party accessories along with celebration/party hall and office for owner.

The different functions were divided into 3 zones/3 floors, ground floor containing the concession area, display area & open Kitchen, first floor for party hall, cake making section along with proprietor’s office. The third floor contains ovens, refrigeration & service area. A dumbwaiter lift connects all the 3 floors for distribution of food items at different level.

The entrance is punctuated by dynamic swirling wooden slats ceiling which defines the concession area while the display area is flanked by pendants. The greys & light yellow of pine defines the overall theme of the bakery. It offers an unhindered designated celebration hall on first floor.