Respect the 5 Senses & 5 Elements of Nature

Respect the five Senses & five Elements of Nature

Rajesh Kumar Residence, Bijnaur


Rajesh Kumar

Project Details
Site area: 13200 sq.ft.
Covered Area:  11380 sq.ft.
Bijnaur, 2011, Un-built


Two brothers with their respective families wanted to have separate dwelling units along with parking and other amenities.

Realizing the intense noise and nuisance on 60’-0” wide main road, we decided to give green buffer to curtail noise and bring privacy so the  approach to residence was taken from the inside lane to the colony. Being rectangular in nature, the site was divided in to two half with center as void for circulation and two-storey dwelling units for both the brothers on both sides.

It is said that the joy of life is in uncertainty. Life is not what we plan for, but what happens to us. A drama of curiosity and uncertainty unfolds as one tries to reach the entrance of the dwelling. When one sees an infinite void and grand waterfall at the back of two volumes, one move towards it to encounter another cascade of water falling due to the difference in height of the volumes which reveals and defines the intimate entrance.

With double height Living/Lobby as center private spaces,  areas like bedrooms and toilets are concentrated on N-W side and dinning, kitchen and drawing room in front of S-E side.