Khwabgah – Celebration of life

Khwabgah - Celebration of life

Salma Begum Residence, Haridwar


Abdul Hamid & Salma Begum

Project Details
Site area: 5475 sq.ft.
Covered Area:  5000 sq.ft.
Haridwar, 2015


The site had 4 trees, it was initially a mango orchid. So, we programmed the spaces around these trees, so that each of these indoor spaces open up in to pond, lawns or sit –out spaces which blends seamlessly with them and be felt as extension of inside space.

Two trees and gushing waterfall in to the pond provides sense of arrival and warm welcome to the house. The trellis above creates added depth of experience and gradual transition from public to private realm.

The building celebrates nature in its use of rat-trap bond red bricks which becomes part of the landscape and provide thermal insulation against weather.

The mehrab (place of worship) is metaphysically manifested on mezzanine level i.e. intermediate level above the swimming pool away the worldly life happening on ground floor and first floor.