An Inclined Eternity

An inclined eternity

Mr. Sandeep Jain- Private Residence


Mr.Sandeep Jain, Haridwar

Project Details
Site area: 1757.74 sq.ft
Covered Area: 4137.13 sq.ft.
Haridwar, 2019


Client wanted to have 3 bedrooms & 1 study room and a servant quarter room with a separate access.

The leaning/inclined wall – The house is designed to contain drawing room, parking at front, living dinning & kitchen spaces in between & bedroom with toilet in deep. Two voids or cut-outs one with clear toughened glass provides light to bedrooms, study space while the other with glass blocks allow light (diffused), living, and dining& deity space.

A bridge on first and second floor between the two voids connects bedroom to the lobby both physically and spatially.