The firm

Shunya Abhivyakti is an Architecture, Urban Design and Interior design firm which was established in the year 2009. It provides consultancy in such projects in terms of conceptualization, discussion with clients, exploring design through sketches, 3d models and drawings and finally releasing drawings at site for construction .

The firm has given proposals for the improvement of quality of life in the city with unrestricted ingress of commercial claim in to residential precinct  degrading privacy and serenity of the city. It believes in creating architecture of purpose, respecting the human ethos, scale and creating meaningful public spaces which have identity of their own in this rapid growth of urbanization and globalization.

Philosophy & Approach

Our cosmos consists of two components built and un-built, solid and void, body and soul which are contradictory yet complementary, opposite yet counterparts. It is the quality of un-built which we experience, in which one lives , breathe and do activities of life. In this sense, it becomes responsibility of built to define and shape up un-built. Our practice tries to address on this inherent spatiality of built environment. Void / Shunya has been very intricately explained in mythological text.

Brahman is life, Brahman is joy, Brahman is the void Joy, verily, that is the same as the void The void, verily is the same as joy. Chhandogaya Upanishad

Our architecture is not trend driven, it does not corroborate any particular language or period of architecture or “ism”. Instead it is free of pre-conceived notions and derives its language and character from site, climate, material which can traverse the scale of time and can be felt fresh, evergreen, contemporary and timeless in years to come. It explores materials and structure system, understanding their metaphysical meaning which is capable of changing the spatiality of space.


Dinesh Kumar Jain


He studied architecture from Roorkee University, did worked with Raj Rewal in Delhi for 2 years. Then, he came back to practice in his native town Haridwar to set up his own practice in 1983. He has successfully executed buildings ranging from residential, commercial, hospitality to institutional and gained vast amount of experience over 30 years of practice.

Bhavuk Jain

Principal & Founder

He studied architecture from Giani Zail Singh College of Engg., Bathinda and then worked with Landscape architect Ravindra Bhan for one year, Delhi. After that, he completed his Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Cept University, Ahmedabad. He is the one who has evolved and defined the firm’s design philosophy and approach.