A Linear Verandah Office

A Linear verandah Office

Ultracraft Molders Corporate Office


Mr. Ajit Jain

Project Details
Haridwar, 2018
Covered Area: 1650 sq.ft


Existing Scenario

The client wanted to have a corporate office in an existing building with staggered configuration for his existing plastic cap, closure injection molding manufacturing company abutting the main street carrying heavy duty traffic.
Translucent glass blocks are added on the facade facing the street to avoid dust & dirt. A deep verandah with brick jails added on the other side along with planter to provide access to office. It enhanced sense of arrival and filtered light which entered in to office space sequentially through large UPVC windows opening in to verandah.
Office houses two director’s cabin in the end , retiring room & a toilet, conference room, 3 coffee cabins and a workstation, waiting room with reception pantry + common toilet.
Verandah is flanked with natural limestone and sandstone in floor and burial lights along with pendant in sloping roof illuminate the path. The interior floor is matte black tiles with wooden partitions and ceiling is acoustically sound ecotone panels.

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