A centre of Learning

A centre of Learning

Delhi Public School, Rishikesh


Mr. Anil Garg

Project Details
Site area: 2.79 hectare
Covered Area:  1,00,000sq.ft.
Rishikesh, Un-built


Interactive spaces were created via amalgamation of formal and informal environments. Voids or in this case courtyards are interrelated with built mass. The built mass is intricately woven around the courtyards, such that the inside-outside interrelation is established and there is a smooth transition from one space to other.

The kindergarten section and primary section are kept segregated from senior secondary section, so that elder students do not bully them. The courtyards double up as interactive spaces for the surrounding classrooms. The scale of massing has been kept such that at no point the building tends to grow or impose upon a student or person.